Greetings, my name’s Thomas Crone. I’m the project coordinator of this here site. You can find out more about me here.

TheSameFiveQuestions is an experiment I’d like to explore between May 1, 2010 and May 1, 2011. I hope to speak to as many people as reasonably possible, posing them The Same Five Questions. (Edit: an all-new round starts on May 1, 2013!)

The site’s central hook is built around an initial hit list of 100 individuals, bands, couples, families and affiliates. These are people that I’d like to talk to. But I have no legitimate reason to contact them, nor do they have a particular reason to chat with me. But… with the power of the web, I’ve concocted this artificial way of breaking barriers and starting conversations; which is not to be confused with cyber-stalking. (See: Edit 11/11/10, below.)

In addition to the List of 100, I’m open to variations on the theme. If I’m on the road, and run into an interesting person, The Questions can be put into play. Or if readers have a distinct need to hear from a person they’ve been curious about, suggestions are welcomed. And, for that matter, if you’d be open to sharing the most famous, unusual or notable person in your address book, feel free to pass the info along to me directly. I’ll use all reasonable means to not be creepy, to keep people’s private info private, while also using my best judgment that I’m actually hearing from the people asked TS5Q.

This is supposed to be about fun. We’ll see if that watchword applies, for a one-year journey into satisfying an urge to talk to those select human beings we (well, I) find interesting.

Edit, 11/11/10: After seeing a distinct lack of movement in the Top 100 list (edit, 5/1/13: *now called Dream List, v.1), alongside an uptick in the initially-not-100 ranks, I’m de-emphasizing the Top 100. After all, in putting together the list, those were 100 names that interested me at that moment. (Or, more accurately, the couple weeks that they were committed to paper.) If writing another list, today, the grouping would be quite different.

I’ve also learned that people that know me are much more likely to respond.

I’ve also come to assume that some people ain’t never gonna talk to me: Bansky, Kele, the Icelandic head of state.

Realism isn’t always a bitter pill, but it’s a chunky one.

Edit, 5/1/13: Relaunch. Same questions. New targets. Who you got for me?