These good people have also answered the call. Click on their name to read the responses. Then click to learn more about them.

The following took part in 2010/11:

Federico Aubele – Musician, vocalist, genre-bender, partially at home @

Aaron Belz – Poet, teacher, mover of words in new and unique way @

Derrick Bostrom – Musician, online deejay, original drummer of the Meat Puppets, found @

Andrew Bujalski – Independent filmmaker and actor, with sites including

Bill Chott – Improv instructor, comic, actor, pro funnyman, found @

James Combs – Songwriter, composer and guitarist, once of indie greats Arson Garden, caught @

Chris Connelly – Songwriter, author, blew my mind with Ministry/RevCo, found @

Theothorous Athanasious Ellenis – Original keyboardist for Dramarama.

Spike Gillespie – Author, quilter, memoirist, activist, found @

Trent Harris – Director, screenwriter, auteur, found @

Matt Holliman – Guitarist, Sleepy Sun, over here @ ATP Recordings.

Peregrine Honig – Artist, contest on “Work of Art,” found @

Bill Keaggy – All-around creator of creative creations, as you’d see @

Seaton Lin – Video director and editor, with a home @

LJ Lindhurst – She’s a painter, as evidenced @

J. Neo Marvin – A songwriter of longstanding in the Bay Area, locatable via

Aaron Matthews – Outstanding documentary filmmaker, found @

Thollem McDonas – Composer, pianist, improvistor, found @

Adam McGovern – All-around smart guy, with interests in comics and translations thereof, found @

David Meiklejohn – Documentary director, maker of “My Heart is an Idiot.”

Jack Rabid – Publisher of The Big Takeover, located online @

DJ Lance Rock – Knew him well before he was the star of Yo Gabba Gabba!

Shelley Short – Musician and songwriter, found @

Jason Wallace Triefenbach – Artist in all media.

Matthew Vasquez – This is someone who fronts the Delta Spirit.

Tony Visconti – Rock and roll producer, with a site @

Ariel X – An adult performer of some renown, tweeting @ ArielXoxo.

Kristeen Young – Musician and recording artist @

Some good people, on the other hand, have declined our offer. We still love them, no lie.

Julia Butterfly Hill – Environmental and peace activist @

Many more are on the “coming soon” list. We cannot wait to read these!