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Music fans are notoriously time-specific, dating their love of acts to specific moments in time. Usually, the subtext to this is that Fan X knew the music of Band Y well before the general public caught on. (We are hip! Yay for us!) Sometimes we even get the details right, though the emotions behind the stories are ultimately more important.

For me, the discovery of The Dandy Warhols came right at the time of their move from independent Tim/Kerr Records to the major label Capitol. While I don’t remember the year, I saw them under a tent at South by Southwest at the band’s buzzingest, about-to-break moment and (if memory’s not failing me) I purchased a square, picture disc of the single “Ride” at that show. To this day, it’s probably the single coolest-piece of vinyl my collection, an amazing piece of wax featuring art design that’s as sharp as the song, itself, a slice of pure, shoegazing perfection.

Why this group isn’t mega is beyond me. They have great songs, proven by an extensive back catalog. They’re photo- and telegenic. They have a fine, in-the-pocket live show. They’ve been featured in a fine documentary, “Dig!” In short, they’ve got “It.” And they’ve got Zia McCabe, which might be the key to the whole operation. She sends us the extended dance mix version of TS5Q below.

One. Which of the seven deadliest sins make for the best art?
I’m not sure but all the great artists are guilty of at least one as none of the great artists ever seem well balanced.

Two. For what are you going to need a little more evidence?

Three. For personal creativity (or productivity), are you better served by contentment or restlessness?
Restlessness for sure.

Four. Likeliest occurrence within your lifetime: true peace, total war, or the arrival of spacemen/spacewomen?

I will spend my life striving for inner peace and hopefully be aware of the moments that I achieve it, I can’t imagine total war and I like to believe spacemen and women have been here for quite some time.

Five. Select/discuss any one of the following options.
Five-a: You lost it as a child and you want it back.

I really do feel like this a lot. I lived in a fairie land of happiness and contentment until I turned 12 and then it slowly started to chip away to be replaced by restlessness and doubt (though I still consider myself happier than the average human, it’s not the same)

Five-b: You are concerned about your food and its origins.
Yes of course, it’s terribly shocking for me to see how many people still just don’t give a damn what they’re eating or where it came from.

Five-c: These are your generation’s greatest successes.
Hmm, I think that’s for the next generation to answer.

Five-d: For you, this is the book, play, recording, painting, poem, scripture or (item X) that made all the difference.
Oh jeeze, Maxfield Parish, Beatles-White Album, Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon, Willie Nelson-All, Rolling Stones-Through the Past Darkly, Exile on Main St., Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Ray Bradbury, Grabriel Garcia Marquez, LSD, Marijuana, Harold and Maude, Easy Rider

Five-e: Do you have a question for me? (What is it?)

Hmm, I can’t think of anything. I hope your satisfied with my answers.

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