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Officially, today marks the end of this oddball project, with four entries coming in under the wire. Though the date-stamp on the page may read May 2, it’s definitely May 1. In fact, as I’m typing this, it’s only 20-odd minutes ’til midnight, which’ll mean May 2, which’ll mean no more TS5Q updates.

That said, if a few orphans filter through the digital transom, they’ll be added here. Goodness knows that I asked enough folks for one, or two, to still come along, unexpectedly. And it’d be rude to not post them if they do arrive.

Perhaps it was rude to expect anyone to answer any of these Qs, for any reason, under any circumstances. Dunno. It was all intended to be a bit of a lark, really,  a reason to bug some old friends, or to put a line out to people I’d like to interview, but would otherwise have no reason to contact. I love projects with a random edge to them. And, not-so-subtly, I often wonder what makes one quirky project a book-worthy-mega-hit and another one a bit of online roadkill. On that count, I’m still as ig’nert as ever.

There’s another lark to come, but not until the end of summer, when a couple of St. Louis-related, web projects will come to a close. When that new one’s ready for inspection, it’ll be linked here.

Thanks for answering questions, those of you that did. And thanks for reading, those of you that did. Over, out.

Thomas Crone
11:50 p.m., CST
May 1, 2011

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