And… The Questions

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While deejaying, you sometimes get some time to mentally wander. Actually, it’s more than some time. A goodly bit of time. And, so, last Friday, I finally committed to the final step of this process. It was a not-unimportant one: nailing down the questions.

After a few false starts, a mostly ineffective pitch to the world of Facebook, the subsequent realization that Jane magazine did a long-running, five-question list (which would predate other, such notices), I found a nice, thoughtful spot to finally think them out, namely, The Halo Bar on a Friday night. Sometimes, you need motion and activity to mentally carry through and, well, these questions were born of sound, flashing lights and a few requests for ELO and the Pixies.

You can check The Questions page for the final results.

And in light of various sites having different riffs on this broader, question-based notion, we’ll even set up an Other Q’s page, so feel free to point me to fun sites and their own Q/A columns.

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