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The site’s back, for another year of unsuccessfully tracking down interviews with the interesting people of the world.

Well, some people have agreed, it’s true. They’re here.

The new list of targets includes YouTube prankster Andrew Hales. He’s so funny.

(Oh, thanks to any of you who dropped in thanks to the Ariel X thumbnail just posted to Facebook. Welcome. And thanks, Ariel.)


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Officially, today marks the end of this oddball project, with four entries coming in under the wire. Though the date-stamp on the page may read May 2, it’s definitely May 1. In fact, as I’m typing this, it’s only 20-odd minutes ’til midnight, which’ll mean May 2, which’ll mean no more TS5Q updates.

That said, if a few orphans filter through the digital transom, they’ll be added here. Goodness knows that I asked enough folks for one, or two, to still come along, unexpectedly. And it’d be rude to not post them if they do arrive.

Perhaps it was rude to expect anyone to answer any of these Qs, for any reason, under any circumstances. Dunno. It was all intended to be a bit of a lark, really,  a reason to bug some old friends, or to put a line out to people I’d like to interview, but would otherwise have no reason to contact. I love projects with a random edge to them. And, not-so-subtly, I often wonder what makes one quirky project a book-worthy-mega-hit and another one a bit of online roadkill. On that count, I’m still as ig’nert as ever.

There’s another lark to come, but not until the end of summer, when a couple of St. Louis-related, web projects will come to a close. When that new one’s ready for inspection, it’ll be linked here.

Thanks for answering questions, those of you that did. And thanks for reading, those of you that did. Over, out.

Thomas Crone
11:50 p.m., CST
May 1, 2011

TS5Q: David Meiklejohn

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Though I don’t know David Meiklejohn, I semi-sorta-kinda know the person about whom he’s created a well-received documentary, Davy Rothbart of “My Heart is an Idiot.” And though I’ve not seen the film at the time of this writing, I have seen the trailer, have talked to people who’ve seen the film and do semi-sorta-kinda know Davy. So there is a kinship. Especially because those people, the ones who saw the film, liked it. And I like them, so I’m sure I’d like it, if not even love it.

This much I know: I like answers that David sent. They’re right here. Read them. Then watch the trailer, below. And special note to David: if you’ve got a photo, I’ll replace this goofy graphic with a still or a headshot. Thanks.

(David’s touring the film right now. Check out the doc’s website and see if you can’t track it down, live.)

One. Which of the seven deadliest sins make for the best art?
I don’t mean to play the iconoclast, but I’m more attracted to art that makes use of virtues rather than vices, and bravery is the most inspiring virtue, for me.  I just finished a full-length documentary called My Heart is an Idiot, and it’s primarily about FOUND Magazine creator Davy Rothbart and his roller coaster love life, but it portrays the romantic stories of other people in Davy’s life as well.  To let your lovelife be filmed and then shown to audiences takes a lot of courage, and the bravery of the subjects of the film inspires me to be more brave in my own life, love-related and otherwise.

Two. For what are you going to need a little more evidence?
I’d like more evidence that people are reading poetry.  Deep inside I know that poetry is badass and powerful, and I know that everyone wants more badassness in their lives, so I keep waiting to see proof that poetry is being read, savored, and shared.  There’s not as much evidence of this for my liking, but maybe if I keep demanding that people read poetry, more will.

Three. For personal creativity (or productivity), are you better served by contentment or restlessness?
I’m easily distracted, and I have self-diagnosed high-functioning OCD, which basically means I work best if my work area is tidy and I’m wearing shoes.  For that reason, I’d say contentment.  However, I also find myself regularly waking up at 4am full of ideas that make it impossible to sleep, so I get up and start working out whatever creative business is in my head, and I love that kind of restless enthusiasm.  Can I make up the word “restentlessment” and claim that one instead?

Four. Likeliest occurrence within your lifetime: true peace, total war, or the arrival of spacemen/spacewomen.
All three, and what’s important to remember is that all three have already happened and are continuing to happen.  If you ask someone in Palestine or Darfur or Iraq or Libya whether total war will happen in their lifetime, they’ll tell you to look around, it’s already here.  And at the same time, a gardener in Detroit is planting zucchini in an abandoned plot of land where an elementary school used to be, and that peace is total and pervasive.  Reaching outside our own perspective teaches us that it’s not a matter of “if” but rather a matter of “where.”  And as far as spacepeople coming to our planet, you don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist or X-Files fanatic to believe that there are truths beyond our comprehension that exist right in front of our eyes.  Also: Lady GaGa.

Five. For you, this is the book, play, recording, painting, poem, scripture, or (item X) that made all the difference.
I’m not sure the person I’d be if I hadn’t read any of Jean Genet’s writings.  Probably a banker instead of an artist.  And probably someone who wouldn’t steal your silverware when your back is turned.  Which I am, so look out.

And… The Questions

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While deejaying, you sometimes get some time to mentally wander. Actually, it’s more than some time. A goodly bit of time. And, so, last Friday, I finally committed to the final step of this process. It was a not-unimportant one: nailing down the questions.

After a few false starts, a mostly ineffective pitch to the world of Facebook, the subsequent realization that Jane magazine did a long-running, five-question list (which would predate other, such notices), I found a nice, thoughtful spot to finally think them out, namely, The Halo Bar on a Friday night. Sometimes, you need motion and activity to mentally carry through and, well, these questions were born of sound, flashing lights and a few requests for ELO and the Pixies.

You can check The Questions page for the final results.

And in light of various sites having different riffs on this broader, question-based notion, we’ll even set up an Other Q’s page, so feel free to point me to fun sites and their own Q/A columns.

The List of 100

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With the final names changing until the very last second, the initial List of 100 is complete.

If you’re personal friends with any of the good people mentioned, please don’t hesitate in tipping me on the best way to bug… er, contact them. And don’t be shy in suggesting other folks, either. This list is far from a comprehensive one and another hour at the computer would probably see a small wave of names added and deleted. All that aside, it’s a list of folks I find interesting and hopefully a few will correspond back in coming months.

If you’re not familiar with a name, two, or 20, figure on my adding some liner notes on them in coming days.

The only thing missing at this point is the questions, right?

As this May 1 debut is something of a “soft opening” for the site, tomorrow, May 3, 2010, The Same Five Questions go live.

The excitement!

Preview Greetings

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Today was to be the day of the grand reveal, however, we’ll consider Saturday, May 1, 2010 the emotional and spiritual birthday of The Same Five Questions.

The actual start of content will be tomorrow, Sunday, May 2, 2010, with a reveal of our questions and our list of projected interview subjects. The final list of questions was drawn up last night, while DJ-ing at the Halo Bar, an example of multi-tasking at its finest.

So, this project is born. (See our updated About page.) Complete success in wacky project-making, or thorough implosion of dreams? We hope for the former.

‘Til tomorrow, Happy International Worker’s Holiday, Happy May Day, to each and every one of you!